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Android App Development: A Resource Guide

Android application development is the latest craze among developers; everyone wants to become of part of this global phenomenon.  Developing apps for Android is pretty new considering it has been just been three years since the launch of Android and many developers are still thinking to migrate to Android.

Android applications are written in the Java programming language. The Android SDK tools compile the code—along with any data and resource files—into an Android package, an archive file with an .apk suffix. All the code in a single .apk file is considered to be one application and is the file that Android-powered devices use to install the application.

From Android Application Fundamentals

Resources of Android App Development:

The Official Android Developer’s Guide: From Google

Introduction to Android development – IBM’s Guide

How to get started: TechRepublic’s Tutorial

Basics and pre-requisites: XLNCSolution’s Guide

Android Development Tutorial for Gingerbread: From Lars Vogel

Presentations regarding Android Application Development

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