Amazon appstore launches with 3800 apps [Update- Live]

As anticipated, Amazon has launched its Android appstore. The store is available via Android App as well as  The app store is slowly being made live, so you might not be able to access it right now. [Update – It is now live]  There are currently 3800 apps in the appstore, which will certainly be increasing in the coming days.

Features of Amazon App Store

Inbuilt App test drive: You can test drive any application right from your browser. The test drive will be powered by Flash and you might not be able to use the hardware controls such as NFC, Accelerometer, and Compass etc during the testing as they will not be available on your PC.
Free App of the day: Amazon will be choosing a paid application and making it free to consumers for a day.

Recommendation Engine: Amazon appstore will use the recommendation algorithm that Amazon uses on its Web site to suggest certain apps.


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