ZTE launches Light 2 with Pixel Qi dislay

ZTE today announced a Pixel QI display powered Light 2 Android tablet. This award-winning display was last seen on Indian start-up Notion Ink’s Adam tablet.

ZTE Light 2 features 1GHz processor, 7-inch high-resolution Pixel Qi display, 12.6mm super slim design, Android 2.2, 4GB of memory, DLNA support, as well as data rates up to 14.4 Mbps & 5.76 Mbps down/uplink.

“We are excited to partner with Pixel Qi to bring their innovative display technology to market,” said Adam Zhang, VP & President of ZTE Mobile Broadband Device. “It brings a new level of performance to our family of tablet PC’s, rendering excellent images under any light conditions.”

We are waiting for  product images, and will post them as soon as we get.

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  1. @Rohan…

    My sentiments exactly. Serves them right though for taking their own sweet time and using idiotic distribution channels. Adam is dead and on its way to DOA Hell

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