WeatherBug’s Honeycomb version launched

Earth Networks today announced the availability of its WeatherBug Mobile App for Honeycomb from through Android Market. The WeatherBug Mobile App for Android 3.0 Honeycomb will enable users to customize the weather intelligence captured through the network for their own display of local and global information.

WeatherBug Honeycomb App features:

  • At-A-Glance Information: The new widget panel design enables users to immediately access their preferred weather information and views.
  • Location-Enabled Intelligence: The “Find Me” option automatically adjusts the location and default maps based on the user’s current location for quick and seamless access to local conditions and alerts.
  • Detailed Visualization: A large map area provides several contoured weather overlay options – including satellite, radar, humidity, pressure, wind speed, and forecast highs and lows – to display current conditions and approaching systems.
  • High Resolution Video: Users can watch HD-quality national outlook videos, including the daily national forecast, from WeatherBug.
  • Camera Images: Users can swipe through an extensive image carousel to view live and time-lapse shots from HD cameras in the exclusive WeatherBug Network.
  • In-Device Barometer: The new app measures atmospheric pressure, which can be used to forecast short-term changes in the weather. Information is reported on the user’s device and can be sent to WeatherBug to create more detailed forecasts.

You can get hold of WeatherBug Mobile for Android 3.0 Honeycomb through Android Market for free.

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