Samsung Galaxy and HTC Tattoo get Gingerbread port

HTC and Samsung might have dumped Tattoo and Galaxy I7500, but developer community has not left them and Gingerbread ROMs have started popping.

First talking about HTC Tattoo Gingerbread ROM, it has been around for sometime hence it is bit polished.

What is working right now: WIFI, GPS, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, sound, sensors, lights, vibrate, USB mass storage.

Not working: camera, fm and maybe some other stuff.

It requires ClockworkMOD to install.

More on the HTC Tattoo Gingerbread port here.

Coming to Samsung Galaxy I7500 Gingerbread port, GAOSP team is working to port Android 2.3 (Gingerbread – CyanogenMod 7) on Samsung Galaxy I7500. It is still in development stage, so no download available right now, not even Alpha. But team has posted a video to get your hopes high.

As it is the same team, which ported Éclair and FroYo on the Galaxy earlier, so there is no problem in getting your hopes high.

More on the Gingerbread port for Galaxy here.

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