Orange launches home-screen gestures, live wallpapers

Orange has launched two new and exclusive Orange Homescreen developments, Orange Gestures and Orange Live Wallpapers, for Android smartphones. Orange Gestures provides 27 designs which users can assign to an action or application, such as speed-dialing, sending a text to a specific contact or launching a weather widget or a game.

There is no need to scroll, search or click through multiple steps in order to launch an application or more importantly, an action within an application.

On the other hand, Orange Live Wallpapers have taken the concept of ‘live’ wallpapers one step further by integrating the actual functionality of a specific application into the dynamic aesthetic of the wallpaper design itself. One example of this is Orange Candles, a photorealistic candle that burns down in six stages, giving a true indication of battery life.

Five more designs will be rolled out across Orange Android Signature smartphones in 2011, allowing customers to choose a homescreen experience that matches their style and needs.

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