More spywares found breaching Android privacy

Image Credits: Talk Android

Android users – Beware! Two new spyware programs on Android devices have been detected. Named “SW.SecurePhone” and “SW.Qieting”, the spyware has the potential to cause serious privacy leakage.

Threats from SW.SecurePhone:

–                Once installed, it runs in the background without any icon displayed.

–                Monitors the phone and collects data (including messages, call log, location of the phone, recorded sounds and pictures) to save on the SD card.

–                The data is then uploaded to a remote server every 20 minutes

–                Distributed in the U.S through downloading from internet.

Threats from SW.Qieting:

–                No icon displayed after installation

–                Automatically forwards messages received to a monitoring phone

Via NetQuin Press Release

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