Manually Update Nexus One & Nexus S to Android 2.3.3

Don’t worry, if you haven’t received the OTA update till now on your Nexus S or Nexus S for Android 2.3.3. Developers have extracted the download URL for these update and within a few steps you will be easily able to update your phone to the latest software.

To download the official Android 2.3.3 Google build for Nexus One – Click here

To download the official Android 2.3.3 Google build for Nexus S – Click here

After downloading these update files, which will be in the ZIP format, you have to follow the steps given below for both of the phones.

  • Rename the downloaded file to Update.ZIP [careful if you OS hides files extensions]
  • Copy the file to the root of your phone microSD card.
  • Power off and then reboot it by holding the Power and Volume Down at the same time.
  • Using the Volume keys, navigate to Recovery and press Power.
  • Recovery screen will only show a triangle with an exclamation point in it. To get to the recovery menu press Power and Volume Up at the same time. (Keep trying if it doesn’t work the first time)
  • Scroll down and select “Apply” [In Nexus One]/ “Apply update from /sdcard” [In Nexus S] to start the update.
  • Let it update your phone, once completed reboot your phone.

via XDA

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