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Honeycomb gets official; tablets only right now

Google has finally unveiled the tablet-optimized Android version. Dubbed as Honeycomb, this is Android’s version number 3.0.

While Honeycomb has been custom-made for tablets, but Google also seeks to clutch it with smartphones in the coming future – Though, no guarantees there.

Honeycomb has been built from the scratch to make it a true tablet OS. While the objectives of Android have been kept as usual, UI has seen a total change.

Many new features have been introduced and a few have been tweaked. We have already talked about some of these characteristics in our Honeycomb preview post.  Other changes have been listed below.

  • Multi-tasking made easier, buoyed by a dedicated button at the bottom of the screen
  • Widgets are scrollable and developers can write their apps to take advantage of the feature. New “stack” style widgets let users flick through (books, Youtube, etc).
  • Notifications are now non-intrusive, improving the phone experience. They pop-up at the bottom right hand side of screen, with added details such as pictures and more.
  • Settings can be toggled swiftly from bottom right hand side of the screen
  • Brand new RenderScript 3D graphics platform made for our elegant UI. We will soon post more details on RenderScript.
  • A new music player, better looking with carousel and other features

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