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Archos ARNOVA 10HT, ARNOVA 8 Android tablets hit FCC

FCC today approved two tablets by Archos. Presumably Android run, the devices have been christened ARNOVA 10HT (for its 10” screen) and ARNOVA 8 (which comes with an 8” screen).

Rumours have it that ARNOVA 8 has Android 1.5 OS, an 800 x 600 display with a 311MHz ARM CPU and 8GB of storage, making it an entry level Android device tailor-made for eBook reader market.

Meanwhile, ARNOVA 10HT seems to be a conventional tablet, or as Archos calls it – an “Internet tablet”. According to FCC reports, the device supports WiFi.

As of now, that is all we know about the Archos’ ARNOVA line.

With such minimal information, it is obvious that pricing and release date is still under covers, but with this FCC approval we are hopeful of getting the information soon.

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