Track you family with T-Mobile FamilyWhere for Android

Location Labs today announced the launch of T-Mobile FamilyWhere. Powered by Location Labs, FamilyWhere is a service that allows parents to access location information for their child or other family members from a computer or their own mobile phone.

Leveraging Location Labs’ technology, the T-Mobile FamilyWhere service can locate nearly any type of phone using the T-Mobile network regardless of what phone they’re using. Parents can also set up scheduled alerts, for example, to provide and update when their child arrives at school or an elderly parent arrives home safely after an appointment. The service is able to locate other phones within a T-Mobile family plan and location information is accessible through a customer’s password protected account at

Eligible T-Mobile customers can subscribe to FamilyWhere by visiting or by downloading the T-Mobile FamilyWhere application from Android Market.

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