Track World Cup Cricket with Xplore WC2011 on Android

HCL has launched another Android application in Android Market – Xplore WC2011. In a nation crazy for cricket, this is certainly an app to watch out for. ICC will be organizing Cricket World Cup 2011 starting from February 19 and this app will help all the cricket lovers to track the event from their Android smartphones.

This application is also useful for the foreign visitors here in Indian subcontinent for the Cricket WC as it provides directions to reach cricket match venues and  local eateries along with maps of the cities.

There are three major sections in the app, first one is related to Matches and the information related to them, second is Teams and players, and the last one is venues. The application clearly misses one great thing, which is live match scores. Everybody wants cricket scores on the go and developers could have easily partnered with any of the scoring websites to provide live cricket scores. There is still time and we hope that HCL updates the app with Live Scores support.

To download, just search “Xplore WC2011” in the Android Market.

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