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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play gets detailed preview

Sony’s worst kept secret Xperia Play yesterday got in the hands of folks over Engadget. They did a detailed preview of this gaming smartphone, which is expected to be announced at the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

Snippets from the preview:

  • Xperia Play’s screen is powered by a Bravia engine for improved video playback.
  • The only other real build quality issue lies on the glossy battery door itself — it’s very flimsy, so removal requires popping up one end of the door, and then running our fingernail along the seam.
  • We’ve been using this Xperia Play as our main phone for a few days now, and to our surprise, it’s been very snappy and fairly stable for the majority of the time — we’ve only seen one reboot max per day, and removing the resource-intensive Timescape widget certainly helps, too.
  • The camera produces sharp pictures, vibrant colors (although red might be a bit strong), and fine macro shots.

Check out more in the preview video:

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