Samsung Vibrant 4G spotted on its way to T-Mobile

It seems there is one more Galaxy S device Samsung Vibrant 4G/Plus making its ways to T-Mobile in United States.  Spotted by the folks over TMONews, Vibrant 4G will support the T-Mobile HSPA+ network with download speed up to 21Mbps. It will make Vibrant 4G, the fastest Android smartphone available with the telecom operator.

Other two devices G2 and myTouch 4G only support download speeds of 14Mbps. Other specifications of Samsung Vibrant 4G include 4 inch Super AMOLED display, front facing camera with Qik preinstalled, 1 Ghz Hummingbird processor, Android 2.2, 16 GB on-board memory with microSD card slot and a 5 MP rear camera.

Other goodies which will come pre-installed or bundled include Movie Inception, doubleTwist player, Media Hub, Kindle for Android, and Slacker Radio.

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