Samsung Gem Android phone spotted; coming to Verizon

An unreleased Samsung Gem was today spotted on the manufacturer’s official website in US. It is most probably coming to Verizon, as it was leaked earlier with the carrier logo.

Specs are pretty entry level, Gem sports Android 2.1, and comes with 3.2 WQVGA touchscreen display, Swype virtual keyboard, social networking integration (via Social Hub), MicroSD card support, 3.2MP photo camera, and an 800MHz processor.

Via PhoneScoop

3 thoughts on “Samsung Gem Android phone spotted; coming to Verizon

  1. What a piece of CRAP!!!!!!!!!!

    When the F**K is Samsung going to learn that NOBODY wants a phone that’s running their favorite outdated piece-of-sh1t Android 2.1 OS?!?!?? Gingerbread is here, people have been clamoring for Froyo for months (and some are actually getting it), and Samsung releases a brand new phone in 2011 that’s running a slow buggy outdated version that nobody wants?!?!

    STUPID!!!! Utterly moronically BRAIN-DEAD!

    Hey, Samsung! Get a friggin’ clue!! Take Eclair and cram it up your asses!!!!!

    I’d love one of these phones for free…so I can drop it in my toilet, pinch a big beefy one all over it, smash it with a broom handle, and flush it.

  2. @what a joke
    Totally agree, when I read this on another site I checked the date, of the article to see if it was from last year but no. Do you think that I would be excited about buying a NEW PC running Win95…please dont get me rolling around on the floor, this is too much. Just think many of the best and latest apps in the android market require OS2.2. Pleeeeeeese.

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