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Notion Ink Adam demoed at CES

Finally, two tech blogs were able to get their hands on the much controversial and anticipated Android tablet from Notion Ink – Adam.

Slashgear was the first blog, which got its hands all over Adam at CES yesterday. According to the post, Notion Ink has done justice with the tablet, and they were more than satisfied with it. They also ran quadrant on the device and score was 1,836. Considering the tablet is only running on Android 2.2, the scores will go over the roof once Honeycomb arrives.  Find the hands on video and more images at Slashgear.

Engadget also got to spend some time with the tablet, and they’re incredibly impressed with what this India-based start-up has achieved and but at the moment the Adam is one of the most impressive tablets according to them.

Considering the love of Notion Ink for western blogs, we only hope to get our hands on it, when it will hit stores or go on pre-order again. We will keep out thoughts shut till then.

11 thoughts on “Notion Ink Adam demoed at CES

  1. been waiting for this for a long time!

    congrats to notion ink from being called a vapourware to this.. congrats on ur success and all the best for the future…

  2. ~~Gaurav says:
    January 6, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    This tablet is running Android 2.3 and not 2.2 as stated by you.~~

    @Gaurav – Actually it is only the retail version that should be 2.3, Rohan’s adam is currently running a stable version of Eden which is only working on 2.2, if you read through Notion Ink’s blog and watch all the videos you will know that they are still integrating eden and 2.3.

  3. Hi Gaurav, I am at the CES and I am unable to find a booth for Notion Adam. Can you please tell me where I can find it at the CES.

    1. @Krishna.. There is no booth for Notion Ink at CES. You can ask guys over at nVidia or PixelQi booth. Coz they are displaying Adam, more chances at nVidia.

  4. Thanks for correcting me. You are right it’s running 2.2 along with some libraries of 2.3/ That’s what got me confused.

  5. And i am gain confused after reading comment from someone

    “It is not the stock 2.2, but a customized build running the latest kernel (of 2.3) and is fully and well optimized for tablet. In other words it is not the smartphone 2.2 OS but is as good as and in some cases better than 3.0 OS.”

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