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Motorola Defy gets FroYo ROM [Guide]

Adlxmod yesterday pushed an Android 2.2.1 based custom ROM for Motorola Defy. I am not sure if there are other FroYo ROMs floating around, but this seems to be very polished and can be applied on a daily use phone, but you need to be sure with what you are going otherwise you might end up bricking your phone. Dev has used a Chinese FroYo release for the phone as the phone and applied tweaks.

Features of this ROM:

–          Fully Deodexed -> Theme ready

–          Optionally a dark notification bar patch can be installed

–          Rooted

–          Phone can be used with no SIM

–          Include Motoblur, which can be skipped

–          Removed Chinese Bloatware


–          Adlx Protips Widget

–          Google Apps

–          Swype (OEM version from Defy’s Eclair rom)

–          HTC_IME Keyboard

–          Gingerbread Keyboard

–          Android Terminal Emulator

–          Wireless (Wifi & Bluetooth) Tethering

–          Busybox 1.16

–          AOSP Email App

–          Titanium

–          LauncherPro 0.8.2

–          Tenfar ClockworkMod Recovery

–          3D Gallery (my mod)

–          Overclock support (phone won’t be OCed by default)

–          SetCPU (free from XDA, please donate on the Market)

–          Milestone Overclock

–          Lots of APNs added

–          Ad-Blocking

–          AOSP Eclair icons

To use this ROM on your Motorola Defy, you will have to follow the following steps:

–          Flash Chinese Froyo sbf using RSD Lite

–          Root using SuperOneClickFor2.1

–          Reboot

–          Install Tenfar Recovery application

–          Run Tenfar Recovery

–          Install Recovery

(If you are using already a Froyo rom for Defy, you can jump directly to these steps)

–          Reboot into Recovery

–          Restore nandroid

–          (Optional) Flash the DarkBar patch

–          Wipe All!

–          Reboot

You can get ROM ownload and more at its original thread.

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