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HTC Evo 4G gets Meizu M9 ROM

Well, Android developers are one vibrant community. Days after the release of so called Android powered Chinese iPhone clone – Meizu M9, XxDaLoWeSt1xX over MiUi devs has ported the Meizu ROM on HTC Evo 4G.

Meizu M9 runs on a customized Android 2.2, with a pretty decent UI, I expect that to be the reason for porting.

Working buttons, SD card, music, no more reboots, a new kernel and new build prop with 32mb dalvic heap,and stability.

What is needed: Signal and proper screen resolution

More on dev thread

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  1. Hi Gaurav,
    I have been following this forum since some months and I like your reports very much as they are highly informative. I wonder how you are able to collect so much information.
    I wish to know more about androids. Do send me your mail id to me.
    Keep sharing knowledge.

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