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Google recruiting Mobile app experts

Google seems to be disappointed with the Android app development till now. Although, the number of apps in Android Market has crossed 100,000, quality apps are still hard to find.

Taking the matter in its own hands, Google is now recruiting software engineers, product managers, UI experts and others who have a decent about mobile apps. Some Google employees have left their current jobs to become a part of this venture, reported WSJ.

While it is still unclear whether these applications are only meant for Android or they will serve other platforms as well, sources believe in an Android only approach here.

The company plans to finance small groups of engineers to create an array of apps — from the kinds of games made famous by Angry Birds to services that are based on a user’s location (like the one from Foursquare Labs Inc. that lets users “check in” with friends at, for example, a store or park).

By recruiting people who already have basic plans for products, Google is hoping to get quick results.

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