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Google looking for NFC specialist, what’s in the store?

We have been hearing about NFC or Near Field Communication and Google a lot lately. After the launch of NFC enabled Google Nexus S, we are hearing about the possible launch of payment service that would include NFC.

Now, Google is looking for Technical Account Manager, Mobile Commerce at its Mountain View office. The applicant must have knowledge of:

Internet products and technologies, and knowledge of one or more of the following: NFC/RFID technologies, different chipset ISO specifications, integration with POS readers & systems and payment processing, technical implementation of merchant loyalty, coupon or incentive programs.

Well, after the failed bid for Groupon, Google seems to be giving serious thoughts to e-commerce market which includes integration of Android as well as NFC. Well, we haven’t seen any Android phone with NFC support apart from Nexus S till now, but the word on the street is that Sony Ericsson might showcase one/two Android phones with NFC at upcoming Mobile World Congress.

Folks over GoogleWatch fantasized a great deal about it and came out with a possible scenario:

Well, we would have an Android handset and get sent an alert from Google Places with the Hotpot engine recommending a local restaurant we’ve been mulling to try, or even a certain pair of jeans we’ve has been pondering online.

Google knows this through our searches and sends them via what Mayer calls “contextual discovery.”

We go in and eat a meal or buy a product, paying for it with the NFC-enabled smartphone, such as the Nexus S.

My unanswered question in this scenario: does Google get a cut from the store proprietor the way Groupon gets a cut from coupons it hands out?

Or does it simply charge proprietors for transactions triggered by the contextual discovery alerts Google provides?

Till then, we are keeping our fingered crossed.

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