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Calculate auto fare with Tuk Tuk Meter Android app

Frustrated with overcharging taxi/auto drivers and faulty meters, Tuk Tuk Meter Android application might be useful to you.  Kerala based Mindhelix Technologies has launched this auto fare calculator application for Indians.

The application does not require data connection, and works on your phone GPS to calculate the distance and comes up with the right auto fare. The application however does not come with any pre-entered auto charges, so you will have to feed rates in your city first to use the application.

I hope the developers add these in the upcoming updates. Application is right now available for free in the Android Market.

4 thoughts on “Calculate auto fare with Tuk Tuk Meter Android app

  1. That’s a truly awesome. It would be great if they update minimum charges according to each city or at least all the major cities. But I am thinking how many auto drivers run their meters, not many at least in Bangalore, most of them set their own prices.

  2. now there is something know as waiting charge. For eg if you are waiting at a signal the meter shows “waiting”. Does this app consider waiting charge?. If this doesnt there is no point arguing with the drivers showing our phones.

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