Bihar to use Android phones to monitor road projects

Photo Credits: Projects Monitor

Wow, a state government is looking forward to using Android phones to monitor road projects. Well, it might sound great on paper but the technophobic Indian bureaucrats might have problems using Android devices.

Anyways, let’s not be pessimistic. Bihar government starting from January 24 will start using Android phones to help executive engineers keep an eye on road construction work from district headquarters, RCD Secretary Pratya Amrit said.

According to PTI, in the first phase, the phones would be given to eight executive/assistant engineers for inspection of three state highways — 68, 69 and 70 — in Naxal-hit Gaya and Aurangabad, which are being constructed or augmented with an Asian Development Bank (ADB) loan, the RCD Secretary added.

The three projects have been chosen as they were running behind time and needed immediate effective steps to check the slippage.  The engineers will visit the construction sites every two days and take pictures of the development and upload them on Road Construction Dept with location info in Meta data to verify that they were taken actually at the site. Dept will also keep an eye on the engineers using Google Maps.

Well, we are keeping our fingers crossed; let’s see how Bihar government’s experiment performs.

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