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Android tablets capture 22 pc of tablet market in Q4

Android powered tablets captured 22 per cent of the total tablet market share at the end of Q4, 2010. A significant portion of this tablet market share can be attributed to Samsung Galaxy Tab, which was the first real Android tablet worthy of being called a competitor to Apple’s iPad.

Research firm Strategy Analytics said Apple iPad share of the global market for tablets fell to 75 percent in the fourth quarter from 95 percent in the third quarter. The Android tablet market share is only expected to increase considering the launch of first tablet optimized version of Android day after tomorrow.

All the major manufacturers are ready to launch Honeycomb powered tablets including HTC, Samsung, LG, Acer, Asus and Toshiba.

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  1. Tolle Nachricht. Bald kommt das neue iPad raus. Apple stellt die neuen iPads schon her. Es dauert bestimmt nicht mehr so lange. Auf der Seite habe ich die Neuigkeiten zum iPad gefunden. Gucks euch an!!!

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