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Android Market 2010 trends from Distimo report

App Store tracker Distimo has released its 2010 App store report, the results are quite in line as one would expect.

  • The total number of applications available for Google Android Market today, almost 130,000 [Androlib says Market has over 200,000 apps – Only Google can confirm this], is 6 times the number of applications available one year ago.
  • The whole rise has been outstanding and it is expected to continue in the similar way this year too.
  • The high download volumes of free applications appear to attract developers to switch to monetization methods other than paid. One of the main examples of this phenomenon was the Angry Birds, the popular game, which is available as a paid app on every other platform, went for free on Android supported by advts.

The number of app categories has been increasing throughout the year in Android Market, so the below tablet might not be the best representation, but it still gives a clear idea.

Top 5 growth Categories in Android Market

  1. Application – Comics – 802%
  2. Application – Sports – 748%
  3. Games – Card & Casino – 664%
  4. Application – Entertainment – 589%
  5. Application – Health – 488%

Note: Distimo has only taken US market in account for the report.

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