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Honeycomb needs heavy hardware support?

If any of the rumors going through blogosphere are true, Honeycomb running tablets might be limited to higher-end only. According to a report in PC Mag, Android’s next version code-named Honeycomb will have minimum requirements in the form of Dual-Core processors, and 1,280×720 screen resolution.

Currently nvidia Tegra 2 processor only meets the requirements, and has also been made the reference design for Honeycomb.  These statements are coming from managing director of Korean electronics form Enspert, which launched an Android tablet for telecom operator KT last year.

While, I do not want these rumors to be true, there seems a significant truth in these. We have already heard the Tegra 2 is reference design in a separate leak, all the leaked tablet plans with Android 2.4 on-board also have Tegra 2 in them.

But do not worry, chip market is already waiting to explode with dual core processors everywhere from Qualcomm to Mediatak and other companies, with significant price drop in sight.

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