Facebook Phone details leaked

Facebook phones have become the talk of the gizmo town. Yesterday, rumors were running high on HTC supposedly planning to unveil two Facebook-branded Android smartphones at the Mobile World Congress.

Now BGR is claiming to have managed to grab some more information about the Facebook phone.

Their tipster, who declares himself to be in the focus group for the said phone, has revealed the following features of the upcoming FB Phones:

Location aware coupons: According to the informer, they are somewhat like “Facebook Deals on steroids.” You pick main categories of interest. When you’re near any stores that fall into those categories, coupons are automatically pushed to your phone.

An always-on GPS service much like Google Latitude: It would run in the background and provide automatic “check-ins”. It might also share your location with friends.

No local storage (or very little). Everything is cloud-based, including contacts, media, data, etc.

Obviously the phone will include a camera, but everything will be uploaded automatically and stored in the cloud.

A news ticker-style message notification system: All messages will be channeled into one bulky inbox, sortable by type, but initially unfiltered. There is also a possibility of a ticker that would read off message content as will be delivered, regardless of message type.

One comment

  1. Personally, I wouldn’t buy a Facebook phone but I would be interested to see how it would work because as far as I’m concerned, Facebook sucks on all mobile platforms. Yes….. iOS included.


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