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Why you should not pre-order Notion Ink Adam

I have been quite enthusiastic about this one product in the recent past – may be because of all the buzz surrounding it and even it being an Indian start up trying to break big.

But as the real test starts today, Notion Ink policies and actions have made me skeptical about the whole product. Some might say the inexperience is the reason behind all these actions and these plain “stupid” policies, or it’s just the urge to bring something in the market before the euphoria surrounding it dies down.

I do not take any of these as excuses, when you are taking $500 out of people’s money – none of these qualifies as an excuse.

As I am writing this Notion Ink pre-order site states that their Pixel Qi version has been sold out, impressive sounding –NO for me.

  1. No Images/Vidoes: How can you sell something to me without even showing one real picture/video apart some old test units pics back from i dnt knw when. On one hand Rohan Shravan states that they have got first batch of units, and they are even sending them to developers – why the hell you cannot show me a picture of that unit. In one of his blog post he says that he will find someone to click good photos of Adam and then he will upload them. Come on send me one unit, I will send you enough good looking images that you can flood your website and pre-order page.
  2. Shipping Charges: Flat rate shipping, what is that-Why would one person sitting in India pay 2200 bucks for shipping if the product is coming from Bangalore. Same case for other neighboring countries. Was Notion Ink so lazy that they could not give shipping charges per continent? Even the random sellers on Ebay have different shipping charges for everyone.
  3. Instant charging on Credit Card:  Notion Ink does not even have a fixed shipping date or product, and they are ready to take everyone’s money at once. All the reputed sellers do not charge until they have a ready product to ship and have confirmation from buyer.
  4. Vague Return Policy/Random Warranty Policy and I do not know if they have anything proper in place. Just read both policies below to understand yourselves.

“Warranty Policy:

1. Every product purchased from Notion Ink Web store is entitled for 1year International Limited Warranty under following Conditions-

a. Unlimited Email Support (

b. Limited Telephonic Support

c. Limited warranty of 180 days on Battery, entitle for replacement if the Battery life is less than 50% under normal conditions.

2. To avail the Technical Support, you need to write an email & a Customer Care Executive will get in touch with you within 24hours for further assistance.

3. In case your products needs a physical inspection or repair, you need to ship the product with return shipping paid to Notion Ink’s International Service Centre’s along with an transaction number of 9USD payment made on Notion Ink Website as International Service Assistance Fees. Notion Ink upon receipt of the product will communicate with you on the basis of diagnosis & will assist you further. This entire process can take 3-10 working days or more depending upon the problem diagnosed.

4. Notion Ink upon diagnosis of the problem can replace the product with new* product of same model (* New product can be new, refurbished or equivalently functional compared to the product submitted)

5. If a submitted product is found tampered with or damaged or abused or under conditions of illegal use as per NI policies, NI reserves the right of refusal to warranty claims & can apply a fees as per the diagnosis.

Return Policy:

You can initiate a refund process within 7 days of your product receipt under the following conditions stated in below points.

1. If the product is defective/ Dead on Arrival/ Incorrect, you must contact Notion Ink at & open up a case for Return, In this case you need to ship the product back with all the original packaging, accessories etc along with the letter from yourself stating the reason. After the inspection of the product & evaluation of your case, Notion Ink will refund the entire amount minus 5% service fees of the invoice value. You can also opt for the replacement product at no extra cost except the 5% Service Fees of invoice value.

2. Notion Ink offers a no questions asked return policy. If you wish to return your product under this policy, you must open a case by emailing & ship the product back & a Letter with reason for return to Notion Ink & after evaluation of your case & the product, Notion Ink will refund the amount after deducting the Shipping fees & service fees of 5%.

3. If in any of the cases the product is found tempered, Notion Ink Reserves the right to refuse the refund or deduct a fees up to 75% of the cost of the product as per the evaluation report of product plus a inspection fees of 9USD.

There are so many things to write. I just can’t write any more.  I would just suggest everyone to wait until things get cleared from Notion Ink or they have proper system in place.

Update: Notion Ink just posted their justifications for whatever has been pointed out. But still no photos or videos, according to them they will be posting a detailed video demo on Dec 18.

8 thoughts on “Why you should not pre-order Notion Ink Adam

  1. I guess you are right with most of your concerns. However, the shipping part is not correct. Adam ships from China, and not India.

  2. I agree that these are all valid concerns. The issue looks as if nobody at Notion Ink really thought through the whole process from a consumers perspective. Typical of a geek lead company I guess. I have no doubt that they will eventually sort out all issues and deliver. By the Way, I have pre-ordered the top end Pixel Qi 3G version.

    1. @mdanuz They have not.. they just tried to justify them. I am still waiting for them full in-depth review.. FCC approval… shipping charges are still not justified… you cannot not take from one person to pay for another..

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