Touiteur is now Plume

You might have heard that Twitter went after Touiteur to change their name, as it sounded like Twitter, and it could create confusion.

So, here we are. Touiteur is now called Plume and they have released a new version with the changes name.  So, next time, you want download Touiteur from Android Market, search Plume.

Plume 2.10 Changelog:

  • rename Touiteur to Plume
  • add native retweet support in the widgets
  • add the possibility to import saved settings from the wizard (after installation)
  • add the delete/replies/share/clipboard functions from the profile view
  • faster and more reliable picture cache
  • general speed improvements (less lag)
  • fix occasional loss of connection for 15 minutes
  • fix the profile picture preview size
  • fix the scrollable widget counter update
  • fix do not reorder the follower/following list
  • fix show when the tweet is sending in the widget
  • fix some translations

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