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Motorola’s Honeycomb tablet coming at CES [Video]

Yes, I am excited, really excited about this one Android tablet, which I believe will truly be a tablet. Unlike the huge Galaxy S in Galaxy Tab, and huge iPhone in iPad, Android 2.4 aka Honeycomb is expected to bring a tablet optimized OS, with tablet optimized Google Apps, Android Market, and then Android apps for tablet.

Leaving my excitement aside, let’s come to the point. Motorola today posted the first official teaser video of the tablet, clearly taking potshots at the two tablets mentioned above. Video ends with a note that tablet is coming at CES, but considering the Honeycomb launch date rumors, it might just be a sneak-peak with a formal announcement with actual tablet hitting market in February.

To remind you, CES AKA Consumer Electronic Show will run from Jan 6-9 in 2011 at Las Vegas and the Motorola Press Conf is scheduled on Press Day [I.e. Jan 5].

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