Motorola XT800+ headed to China with Froyo

An ungraded version of Moto XT800 has appeared in China. While the original XT800 aka Motorola Zeppelin was first launched in China, it also made its way to Korea as Motorola Glam with some improvements.

The original Chinese version has dual mode CDMA/GSM connectivity options and Android 2.0, Moto Glam only had single SIM and Android 2.1. 

But the new XT800+ will have Android 2.2, a faster processor in the form of 1GHz CORTEX-A8, 512MB RAM, 5MP camera, and 3.7 inch display. Interestingly, it has a black leather back and golden metallic body.

We are not expecting its launch anywhere else considering the previous two versions.

via Unwired View

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