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LG Optimus One India Review

Street Price: Rs 12,000

In the box: Phone, Headset, USB Cable, Wall charger, Case, free 1 GB data Wi-Fi access card from Ozone

Pre-Installed Applications:
·         AG Indian News Papaps
·         Aldiko E-Book Reader
·         Bollowoodji
·         Indian Music
·         Infant Vaccine Tracker
·         Layar
·         NDrive
·         OI File Manager
·         Photofunia
·         PNR Status Checker
·         Taskiller
·         ThinkFree Office with Docs Editing support
·         Twitter

Specifications: 3.2-inch capacitive screen, @ 320 x 480, Qualcomm MSM7227 clocked at 600 MHz, 512 ROM, 512 RAM, 802.11 b/g, A-GPS, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, 3.1 MP autofocus camera

Full Review:
LG was craving for one hit Android smartphone, and Optimus One has fulfilled that spot. It may not be one rock-star smartphone, but it is surely a decent budget Android phone. If you do not want to spend too much money and want almost all of the Android benefits – Optimus One is for you.

Hardware: Lookswise, LG Optimus One is decent looking phone, neither very fancy nor dull looks. It comes with four physical buttons, that consist of the usual Home, Back, Search and Options. It also comes with a volume rocker on the right, sleep/lock button, Micro-USB port and 3.5 mm headset jack, but lacks dedicated camera button. It fits in the hand perfectly and you can easily work by using a single hand, and the presence of rubberised plastic gives it proper grip.
You do not need to to remove battery to remove microSD card, but SIM is placed below the battery. Finally, we have a 3 MP camera on the back, we will talk about it later in detail.

Display: Coming to the one of the most important aspect display. As Optimus One comes with a 3.2 inch capacitive screen, you do not have any resistive screen blues here. The touch is not very sharp, and can be irritating sometimes, but it works rather decent otherwise. Optimus One also comes with multi-touch in browser and maps, but the performance of multi-touch is not great at all and you will be disappointed at times.
Display brightness is good, and even in the sun, you can easily see everything with intensity set on the highest.

Processor: The 600 MHZ processor inside gives a fine performance, and you will not face any major lags in normal use. But the major problem is all the crap applications loaded on the phone, which can not be removed and consume a large chunk of your processor power. Daily tasks like going through email, messages and browsing the net are fast enough, even if it lacks the immediacy and punch of the high end Android smartphones, which you can not expect at this budget.

Although almost vanilla Android 2.2, LG has tweaked the interface to make it more user-friendly. The presence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data, Ring status and GPS toggle buttons in notification area for quick access is smart addition, considering it is enabled by devs in almost every custom ROM.
The home screen has a slight look of the HTC Sense, but do not expect more of it, and in menu Optimus One lets you make categories of applications. Pre-Installed and Downloaded Apps are two default categories.
LG has also added Divx VOD support and lots of unwanted application [as listed above]. But due to the presence of FroYo, you do not have to worry about app install space. Optimus One also lacks the Adobe Flash support, but you can make up for it using Skyfire for some of you Flash content needs.
OS is responsive and fast; and does not disappoint in normal day use.

For some camera might be a let down, but for normal and odd users the 3MP camera on-board should serve the purpose. Do not expect it to replace your digital cam, but it will work fine and there is no flash. Video recording is decent under good lighting conditions and it gives normal results, nothing extraordinary.

Battery Life: Optimus One’s 1500 MaH battery made though the day under heavy use, but under moderate use, you can expect it making it two days, but do not expect much.

Rest: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi along with GPS work just fine, and you should not have a problem, at least we did not have as our normal use device for almost 10 days. Sensors also work good, and will give decent results. Coming to music, the speaker is a bit on the downside, but the shipped headphones are good.

Wrap-Up: If, you have budget under 14K and you want an Android smartphone – LG Optimus One is the right choice, and with LG’s promise to deliver Android 2.3 update on the smartphone, you do not have to think too much.
Optimus One may not have the specs of an high end Android smartphone, but it is value for money phone, which performs upto your expectations without many glitches.

Quick Recap:

Good Bad
512MB RAM Lots of crap pre-installed apps
Android 2.2 (Froyo) – Gingerbread update incoming  & Vanilla Android UI with small tweaks No camera flash
HVGA resolution display

8 thoughts on “LG Optimus One India Review

  1. I visited the Mobile Store in Pune India and saw the live demo of the said Phone (LG Optimus One). The Brochure of the Optimus one stated that it comes pre-installed with Adobe Flash 10.1. And the LG’s Indian Site also confirms it.

    During my hands on experience with the phone, I was not able to find the Adobe Flash Application.

    And again there is a particular video on the YouTube which confirms the existence of Adobe Flash Player on the phone.

    Gaurav, can you please put some light on this.

    And above all, you are doing a wonderful job of filling us all with the India related news of android.

  2. @Gaurav…

    The reason I am so much concerned with the presence or absence of LG Optimus One…. is because I am considering buying one in a weeks time……

    And on another note I have a one more question other than the above obvious one….

    I know i can use Skyfire to compensate for the absence of Flash……

    Does Skyfire only play YouTube videos or will it allow me to play Flash games on FaceBook….

    And I appreciate your response…..

    Thanks in advance….

  3. @ karthik No it doesn’t have a front facing camera for video calling.

    I just bought the phone today and found that its really worth its money. The only bad thing is that there is no flash with the camera. Rest all is good.

  4. I have been using this phone for more than 8 months and have no issues. It is really worth for the money.
    Only drawback is the 199 MB internal memory and waste pre uploaded applications to eat up the memory!!!

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