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LG backtracks from its statement about “No Gingerbread for Optimus One”

Hours ago, there was lot of buzz around the tech media about the so called announcement from LG that it will not be updating its Optimus One line of phones in United States and may be elsewhere. LG US cited some lame excuse of processor requirement in Android 2.3 for the decision.

The processor requirement issue was immediately quashed by an Android Engineer on Twitter, now LG has released a brief statement in this regard saying that it previous statement was premature. Company also added that Google had not yet published the Gingerbread Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) or the public branch open source code. Once the CDD and the source code is public, LG will evaluate the upgradability of the Optimus Series.

So, the Optimus One users take a sigh of relief, the update might come to your phones, and considering that Optimus One sold so many units, I do not think company will ditch the users.

One thought on “LG backtracks from its statement about “No Gingerbread for Optimus One”

  1. Although it was foolish for LG to do this, but this will keep happening. Google will keep releasing new amazing Android updates and companies like HTC, LG, Motorola needs to embrace the updates for their news handsets as well as older ones. With time they will realise its better to work on new sets rather then keep beating around older ones. Don’t be surprised if companies putting a clause like this mobile will get only “n” of Android updates from comapnies. For everyone else there is XDA-Dev.

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