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Leaked HTC phone pops up everywhere

It seems one HTC Android phone has been leaked all over the blogosphere to create hype.  The blogs, who received the images of device in question, are Engadget, Slashgear, Gizmodo, Crunchgear, and Android Central.

Everyone suddenly is pointing fingers towards HTC, for these marketing tactics, while I do not think this practice is limited to any one company. Across the manufactures, devices have been leaked like anything, and I do not think that these were just coincidences, but planned leaks to create possible hype before the launch.

This hype can be good as well as bad for the products, expectation rise tremendously because of these half truths, and the real devices can sometimes be very different, letting the users down.

Coming to today’s leaks, Images of Incredible HD, or HTC Mecha, still unknown have been sent everywhere. Check out the compilation of these images below.

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