Jibbigo Voice Translators bring offline translation to Android

Mobile Technologies has launched the Android version of their popular iPhone translation app “Jibbigo,” Mobile Tech calls it the world’s only voice translation app that functions without an internet or phone connection. Users simply speak into the phone in one language, and the statement is automatically translated and repeated aloud in another language.

But this offline translation comes at a price, each of the language packs available in Android Market cost $24.90, while the base app is free.

The language packs available:

  • English-Korean
  • English-Chinese
  • English-French
  • English-Japanese
  • English-Filipino
  • English-Spanish
  • English-German

“We’re very excited to bring Jibbigo translators to the Android platform,” said Dr. Alex Waibel, Mobile Technologies’ Founder and Chairman. “With the explosive growth in the number of devices supporting Android apps, this significantly expands the number of people who can use our voice translators worldwide.”

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