How to Root LG Optimus One & remove unwanted apps

Rooting LG Optimus One is very simple, you just need one application and you will get the root access. The good part is you can use the same application to un-root the phone in case you want too.

You can root the Optimus One to remove all the crap applications that come-preloaded on your Optimus One or to use apps which require root access. After you have removed the applications, you can un-root and bingo, you are back to all good unrooted Optimus One without all the crap apps.

Steps to root:

  • Download Z4Root app from here or Android Market.
  • Transfer it to you Optimus One and install it
  • Run the app and select permanent root
  • If will take a little time and your phone will restart
  • You phone is rooted now and you have superuser installed

Steps to remove all the crap apps:

  • Download and Install Titanium Backup from Android Market
  • Grant it Super User permission
  • You should have a pop-up screen in front of you and one of the buttons on the bottom should say “problems”. Click that.
  • It will install the latest version of busybox
  • Now, Tapping the “Backup/Restore” button brings you to the application list – or rather the list of available “items”.
  • Tapping an application brings up a popup from which you can select actions to be taken with the selected item: You can e.g. run an application, back it up, and restore it (or its settings). You also may also decide to un-install the application – even if it is a system app! But with the latter, you should be very careful: Remove the wrong thing, and your phone may start malfunctioning.
  • Use the Un-Install for all the apps that you do not want on your phone.
  • Now if you want remove Titanium Backup and unroot Optimus One or leave it like that.


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