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Android Market getting major overhaul

Android Market is going to get a significant update for all the devices running on Android 1.6 or above in the next two weeks. The update brings features that improve merchandising of applications, streamlines the browse-to-purchase experience, and makes it easier for developers to distribute their applications.

Google is also adding two new categories for Widget and Live wallpapers in the Android market. Tabs have been removed from the application description page, and users can now see everything about an application on a single page.

Now, Developers can also upload App installer files upto 50 MB, this step has been taken to promote richer games on Android.

Android Market is coming with another major change, which reduces the app trial time to only 15 mins in the case of paid apps. Earlier, users could try an application for 24 hours and ask for a refund if they did not like it, but now they can only try it for 15 mins.

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