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After US, Asia driving Android phone sales

We know that United States has been the front runner in terms of Android phone sales in the recent past. But, the rapid recent growth in the number of phones carrying Google OS in Asian continent has been responsible for the jump in Android’s graph [Per day 300,000 activations milestone].

Andy Rubin during an interview with Financial Times said that after the US, we saw Asia go crazy, with sales in South Korea in particular going “berserk” in the past four months.

Similar sentiments were also highlighted in a recent report by GFK, [but its accuracy was doubted after it was found changing whole Asia continent definitions].

Rubin predicted that the Android phone sales explosion in India, Brazil, Indonesia and other emerging countries, which could in turn contribute to Android’s growth.

The cost of handsets is falling fast and many emerging countries are building advanced mobile networks, he said, adding: “It’s set up for a perfect storm.”

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