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Acer Liquid gets Gingerbread port

Gingerbread is getting ported to Android phones like anything, thanks to the Android dev community. This time from Modaco member Roggin, we have the Android 2.3 port for Acer Liquid.

While, it is still in the early build stage, and Wi-Fi and camera are not working, but we have a lot of features working too – GPS, all sensor, touch screen, 3G(data/voice), camera preview.

Download is available here. But if you want, you can go though the entire thread for more instructions, and feedback.

2 thoughts on “Acer Liquid gets Gingerbread port

  1. Hello everybody,
    I would like to advise you that the Andrea who roggin referred to is me: “After some days trying with *Andrea*, we successfully make Gingerbread runs on our liquid, *we*…” This is easily understandable by reading the first 9 words of the first post. You couldn’t understand that roggin spoke about Andrea1Liquid (me) by those words, but you could understand that the making of the ROM was not due to a single person. If you read a bit more you would find out he was talking about Andrea1Liquid (me) and that I participated too. That’s the frase I wrote to a user: “Btw, not to be rude but, roggin did a very very very good job but, I worked too with him… *Andrea*1Liquid”. Moreover, another “clue” to arrive at this conclusion is the amount of technical information I wrote using “we” not “I” as Subject Pronoun. The error wasn’t intentional (at least I think), but it would be better if you better check your sources before posting a news. *We* (me and roggin) are working hard to let Liquid users enjoy Gingerbread on their devices and I think that the right credits should be given for that hard work. That said, there’s another thing to explain: me and roggin are part of a team (Liquid Community Dev Team), so the final version will be released as CDT, not as roggin.

  2. Dear Andrea,

    My Name is Vinay and I am from India, I am one of the very few people who have Acer Liquid A1 in india.

    However I have upgraded my phone to 2.2 after thorough research but now i want to upgrade it to Ginger bread, thus need your help, could you please send me Step by step guide or video to upgrade my Acer as i am not a technical guy thus it is difficult for me to understand the short cut process.

    Please please help me


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