Use Spare Parts to load Galaxy Tab apps full screen

Stuck with Android applications on Samsung Galaxy Tab, which do not go full-screen and turn out to be a pain than pleasure. We have a solution, which will take time in the first install but will work like crème after that.

  • Download ‘Spare Parts’application from Android Market and go through the installation process, which should begin automatically after the application has been downloaded.
  • Launch the application. Scroll to “Compatibility Mode.” Tap on the check box, and then un-tap it again.
  • Reboot the Galaxy tab.
  • Go back into Spare Parts after reboot and go to “Compatibility Mode” again and tap it again and then reboot.
  • After reboot, your Android apps should be in full screen.

Still confused, check out the video below from folks over JKKMobile.

Via Ubergizmo & JKKMobile

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