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Telstra releases contract-based plans for T-Touch Tablet

Although Telstra T-Touch Tab is already available in Australian market on pre-paid; telecom operator today launched its contract-based plans.

The T-Touch Tab will be available on the three 24-month Telstra Data+ Cap Plans (see below) including for $0 upfront on the $29 Telstra Data+ Cap Plan, with a monthly repayment option of $6, after using your MRO Bonus, for 24 months (min cost $816). You can also buy it for $384 outright and unlocked.

One thought on “Telstra releases contract-based plans for T-Touch Tablet

  1. The Telstra T-Touch can be bought for a low A$298 up front at stores like Harvey Norman. But why bother – there will be better and cheaper tablets flooding the market in 2011.

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