Samsung’s Google experience Android 2.3 phone delayed

All this while we have been hearing rumours that Samsung is working on Nexus Two aka Nexus S, and bloggers around the world were confusing readers[they continue to do so] by making a Google Experience phone, from Samsung with an Android 2.3 clean-install, as the next Nexus device from Google.  Samsung has also officially denied all such rumors.

Google would not make a mistake twice, and that is for sure, it has not been even two months since the Google Nexus One web store closing.  Google is just helping Samsung to bring the next clean Android smartphone with rocking hardware as they did with Huawei to make a cheap Android 2.2 smartphone with pure Android.

Now coming to today’s news, this Samsung Android 2.3 phone, which was supposed to be unveiled on November 11, has been delayed. It seems some serious hardware issue has been found in the phone. So, company has decided to delay the launch until they found a fix. Remember, according to one leaked rumour from IntoMobile, Gingerbread is being unveiled on November 11.

Via Techcrunch

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