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Samsung Galaxy Tab parts cost – Only $205

While we are debating why Samsung has priced Galaxy Tab so high, folks over iSuppli tore down the tablet and calculated the total of parts used in the tablet.

According to iSuppli, Samsung Galaxy Tab’s total parts cost is $205, which is significantly less than iSuppli’s $264.27 estimate for the 16Gbyte 3G version of the iPad.

Find detailed costs below [Courtesy iSuppli]

2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab parts cost – Only $205

  1. Samsung isn’t a charity nor is the Tab being subsidized by the government for them to price the device at the cost of production. NO company does that. Every one is in the business of making money and profiting and Samsung is no different here. This sort of calculation only seems stupid and a waste of time.

  2. @Yash
    Nobody is asking Samsung to sell the Tab at production price. This calculation is only done to figure out how much profit Samsung makes with each Galaxy Tab (excluding other costs like advertising of course)
    Samsung has priced the Galaxy Tab exorbitantly high so it’s a curiosity to know whether it’s because of the high cost of materials. That does not seem to be the case here.

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