Samsung Galaxy S Froyo update rolling out in India [Official]

Latest Update: It is official now – Froyo has finally arrived in India for Samsung Galaxy S :

Some of our readers are pointing out that they have been able to download the much awaited Android 2.2 update on their Galaxy S phones in India.

It seems the update started rolling out last night and is going on as we write this post. It is available via Samsung Kies. So if you have not checked till now, open/install Kies and check right away.

Check the Samsung’s official announcement here to know about the improvements/changes from this update in your phone.

Do tell us, how your update process went in comments.

Update: If you do not see the update right away in Kies, just wait. Updates often are rolled out in stages/batches.

Thanks, Shashank

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    1. The problem is the carrier specific versions. In US, there are six Galaxy S version. It is going to take time to update all of them and then getting approvals from telecom carriers and stuff. While in countries like India, it is the same unlocked Galaxy S, which was sold in many countries. So, these smartphone get Android 2.2 early. Same as unlocked Dell streak got Android 2.2 before the carrier specific version.

  1. also walmart its offering 100 gift cards on new plans when you buy a smart phone from them.

    G2,evo,droid all included.

  2. Kies always asks that I put my fascinate in pc-studio mode. My phone doesnt have a pc-studio mode, I hope verizon sends out some kind of update to fix this issue.

    1. Update: It seems the update roll out was for testing purpose and has not been released for normal users. We apologize for the confusion and will report as soon as Samsung officially releases the FroYo update.

  3. This sucks. We have been waiting for the update for months. Samsung is taking too much time rolling out updates. I faced this earlier with Galaxy Spica and now with Galaxy S.

    Samsung will lose customers at this rate.

  4. The Froyo update for SGS has not arrived in India as yet. As of now it has rolled out in UK, Middle East, and Korea (Samsung Galaxy A) regions. It is expected to move in to Canada and US market next followed by Australia and India along with all Asian countries. Yes, except Vodafone UK, the update is generally available via pathetic Kies.

  5. No update in India as of yet. I’m checking almost every half hour for the last week….seems like a rumor like last time in October…

  6. hey You are right this is merely a rumor there is no update available inIndia through Kies,

    Please let me know if its true.

  7. I suspect that mobile company may develop new models instead of wasting resources for the already sold mobiles, so further 2.3 for SGS?

  8. Samsung has never told that samsung galaxy S will get 2.3 update. They have only confirmed on 2.2. That itself is taking hell of a lot of time. According to me 2.3 will never be officially released for Galaxy S. Samsung will start focussing Gingerbread (2.3) on Nexus S from now on.

  9. thanks for the article and thanks for saying thanks to me..
    as i m seeing a lot of ppl r still not able to see the update in kies.. i think they may have taken away the update for some time for some reason.
    all i can say is.. i downloaded the kies from UK website and selected country UK after install..but i dont think that can make a diff coz they know who’s connecting from where through ip address obviously. if anyone has any query, can mail me at

  10. Hey, I got my Samsung Galaxy S DDJG4 updated to XXJPH Froyo 2.2 update(unofficial), lag fix with z4root and its working awesome.I have tested 100% performance with great speed and Adobe flash player 10.1 update, If anyone want to know HOW just give me a call @09988062592 or contact me at

  11. At last…. I got offical 😉 Frozen Yogurt from Samsung for my Galaxy S phone.
    Highlights: LAG issue not resolved..
    Location: Singapore.

  12. Method to get Official Froyo2.2 Firmware for Samsung Galaxy S

    (1) Sign up and download Asian firmwareI9000DDJG4 and European firmware I9000XXJPH from given link
    (2) Use WinRAR to archive downloaded firmware using password given in same link.
    (3) Download Odin3.1 from link
    (4) Download 512.pit file from link
    (5) Download 803.pit file from link
    (6) Switch off your Samsung Galaxy S and remove battery, SIM and SD card if have
    (7) Turn on by pressing volume down+home+power button into download mode.
    (8) Close everything on your Computer, open Odin3.1 by right click and run as administrator
    (9) Select 512.pit file into PIT and ADD_ODD into PDA, Select re-partition.
    (10) Do not select any other box like Modem and CSC, Auto Reboot and F. reset time will be by default select(DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO THEM).
    (11) Connect your phone by Data Cable, You will see a yellow box appear
    (12) Now Press Start and wait till yellow box turns Green and written Pass appears.
    (14) Now unplug your phone reboot into recovery mode by pressing VolumeUP+home+Power. Release the button as soon as Samsung I9000 appears
    (15) Select the choices by volume up and down key and select Factory Reset/Wipe Data option and press home key to Action.
    (16) Reboot your phone by put your battery out and reinsert.
    (17) Now you have to open Odin again by right click and run as administrator.
    (18) Select PIT 803 file this time and PDA by selecting ADD_P_U
    (20) Turn on your phone into download mode by pressing again volume down+home+Power key
    (21) Connect the cable and wait till yellow box appear, Press Start and wait until yellow turns green with Pass Message.
    (22) Go to market and search Z4root, install it and root it, You will see superuser in application
    (23) Congratulations you have Froyo 2.2 Official firmware

    Note :- This method works great with Indian Samsung Galaxy S.

    Do not forget to update adobe flash player10.1 and Market with Google map and others. ENJOY

    Although this is a tested and successful method but still, do it on your Risk

  13. And Mr. Ravi… one small update to your post…
    I have tried this sometime back. But the only problem i have faced is. Wifi wont connect using WPA2/MSCHAP v2 or WPA/PEAP/MSCHAP v2… So waiting for the official update..

  14. I bought my Galaxy last week in India. But i live in Germany… so sad 🙁 the german galaxys are able to update to froyo…
    did somebody sent an mail to samsung?

  15. @peela.pavan……Dear Pawan, As I am using this firmware and everything is running like butter on my handset, there is no lag in Wifi, You have to understand the re-partition myth then only you will be able to fix lag, and if you go through this method exactly I mentioned (For Indian Version Only) You wont have a single error, Although waiting for official firmware is better anyways.

  16. @Pranav..Because you need to patch re-partition and also this one is successful known method, I am using XXJPH 2.2 Froyo since last one month without any hiccups. I hope you get your answer

  17. Hello Ravi, Do i need to connect to kies for this method? And do i need to backup my phone data? If so, how do i do it? Can i do it onto my memory card? Cuz my phone does not work with kies,….it shuts the PC down whenever i try to connect to kies.

  18. @Unni….No you can not use Kies, you need to run it through ODIN3.1……..Follow my above mentioned method and you will be done with froyo 2.2, only for indian firmware DDJG4. If still in doubt, Call me @09988062592

  19. looks like samsung finally listened to advice made on this forum…..froyo is smooth as silk….no problems……. the maps gps fix and new gmail is cool. cheers samsung….its all lookin slick. super.

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