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Samsung Galaxy Apollo/3 to get Android 2.2 update after Galaxy S

Samsunhg Galaxy 3 aka Galaxy Apollo

While we are still waiting for the Galaxy S FroYo update to reach everywhere, Samsung has hinted that it will start the update process of Galaxy 3 aka Galaxy Apollo once Galaxy S updation completes.

Samsung has been insisting that it will complete the roll out of Galaxy S Android 2.2 update in November, so that means we can expect Galaxy update in December.

Samsung UK was spotted replying to various users on Twitter in this regard. Samsung Galaxy 3 and Apollo are the same smartphones, which are currently running on Android 2.1 with Touchwiz on the top.

11 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Apollo/3 to get Android 2.2 update after Galaxy S

  1. I usually buy Apple iphone. Went out on a limb taking a chance and giving google android and samsung a try. Won’t happen again. This will be the first and last Samsung android google anything I buy. Hey you live and you learn. Apple started the cellphone revolution with the iphone and after having the android phone, i don’t think Steve Jobs has anything to worry about. Im just going to caugh up the 400.00 now and get the iphone 4 anybody want to buy my samsung captivate don’t worry about asking the selling price…you can have it and good luck with it waiting for samsung to make up their mind.

  2. I am a former iphone 4 owner who is on the android bandwagon permanently.

    the customization of android is the best. Period. I got tired of the same look on all iphones.

    A small redesign didnt help.

    I do have to say I won’t buy samsung again after the froyo updates being late to american shores.

    Ill look at htc for my next android. This hurry up and wait by samsung does get old fast.

  3. Well Steward, you are a complete moron! It’s rather embarrassing really that you’re so devoted to a multi-billion corporation that doesn’t give a hoot about you, you’re just a figure on their sheet and for the record. Apple for the record did not start the “cellphone revolution”! Are you dense? Mobile phones have been around since the EARLY 1990s, the iPhone didn’t emerge until 2007! And Nokia still remains the lead mobile phone company in the world. Obviously you’re too much of an Apple fanboy to even give Android a go!

    Yoshi, it’s not exclusively a Samsung problem. It’s the exact same with HTC which is a worse situation because TouchWiz is much lighter than Sense UI and Samsung also have less Android phones than HTC. It’s come soon, sure the galaxy S is only after getting it. Probably one of the biggest problems with Android is that there are so many phones and companies who want to put their own UI on them which of course need to be tweaked for each model etc., hence why the Nexus One was the first to receive the Android 2.2 update because it uses only stock android and no UI. 😉

  4. I’m hoping the Galaxy 3 Froyo update won’t take much time, as both the Galaxy S and Galaxy 3 are almost similar software-wise.

  5. ive got the samsung galaxy 3 (apollo) and updated to 2.2 n its made phone slightly faster and also changed back screen to a palm tree but not much more than that 🙁 dissapointed tbh

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