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Notion Ink Adam UI screenshots

While, we have already heard about the new Adam UI, and we know it is called Eden. But we are still waiting to have a good look at it, apart from some random shots.

After digging a little bit, and going through the Notion Ink website source code. We have brought you guys some screenshots of how would Adam’s Eden UI look.

What’s new to see: [Click to enlarge]

What we have already seen:

How Notion Ink’s Rohan Sharvan describes ‘Eden”

Eden consists of panels or Light Application instances (side image is just an example). At any moment of time you can work on infinite applications. You will have 3 panels at your disposal and you can switch at any time, and the best part, irrespective of how many and whichever application you run in the panels, the main application is in deep sleep mode. Hence the over-all system is low on memory, extremely fast and optimized…….

You can read more about Eden UI at Adam blog.

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