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AT&T Motorola Backflip Android 2.1 update now available

Just a day late of what we earlier reported Motorola Backflip Éclair update is out on their website. Available as a manual download as well as automatic online tool update, the update brings a lot of goodies for Backlfip users on AT&T.


Follow simple instructions to download the upgrade package, move it manually to your BACKFLIP’s SD card, and install it.

This method is perfect for Mac user or PC savvy users.This upgrade solution may take up to 25 minutes.


Use automatic online tool. Connect your BACKFLIP to your Windows PC and follow the step-by-step instructions to upgrade your phone.

This upgrade solution may take up to 40 minutes.

Highlights of the Upgrade

  • More Google™ apps – Google Speech-to-Text™, Google Turn-by-Turn Navigation™, Google Voice Search™ and others have been added to make your BACKFLIP device even more functional
  • Android Market™ – Access to a larger range of apps, specifically designed for devices using Android 2.0 or later
  • More home screen panels –7 customizable home screen panels so you have more room for your shortcuts and widgets
  • New and enhanced widgets – Customizable filters, ability to resize widgets, plus new widgets like Contact Quick Tasks and Sticky Note
  • Corporate email access – Corporate email can now be pushed immediately to your phone
  • Improved Media Gallery – Media Gallery has been enhanced for better interaction with your media

Full list of update related stuff can be found here.

Thanks Wayne for the tip

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