Google launches HotPot, brings it to Android

Google has silently launched Google HotPot. It is a new service that lets you rate places and based on your rating and your friends – it recommends new places.

According to Google:

Google Places and Hotpot isn’t just about telling others what you think. It’s about discovering new great places based on your personal tastes and preferences. Once you’ve rated places and added friends, start looking for recommendations of new places to try on Google Maps.

Next time you’re looking for a new dentist, hair salon or restaurant search on Google Maps to see what your friends have to say. Your Google Maps search results will be prioritized according to your preferences. Then you’ll see explanations from friends, so you can find the right place for you.

Google HotPot is a new addition to Google Places in Maps and is now available on the web as well as on Google Maps for Android as an update.

Via Google, AndroidandMe

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