Android 2.2 update for Samsung Galaxy S finally out in India [Official]

Multiple readers are reporting that finally FroYo update has been released for Samsung Galaxy S in India. However, we <haven’t> heard [Samsung India’s twitter account just confirmed the update] any official statement from Samsung in this regard, but the number of users getting the update is increasing hour by hour, so it was worth reporting.

The update is available via Samsung Kies, use the latest version of Kies to download the update. If you have got the update, share your thoughts about it in comments.

Update: It has become official now that update is available and all the users will get it by tomorrow morning..

Thanks, everyone who sent in..

59 thoughts on “Android 2.2 update for Samsung Galaxy S finally out in India [Official]

  1. “we have heard any official statement from Samsung in this regard.” i think you wanted to say,”we haven’t heard any official statement from Samsung in this regard.”
    anyway nice article… πŸ™‚

  2. @Gaurav-Thanks buddy..i checked for the same last night but it wasnt there..have any of your mates confirmed receving the update..

    1. @Silver .. I have heard from at least 10 users in last half an hour confirming the update. . and the number is increasing with time…

  3. You won’t hear anything from Samsung at any time πŸ˜€
    Did u hear before ? for any of the upgrades of any Samsung Phones before ? πŸ˜›

    Just speaking frankly..!

    They announce their updates or they go gaga about the update only in korea/US/UK/some East Asian countries but never for India πŸ˜›

  4. @Gaurav–Thats really good news..dont want to sound bugging,but wud be really helpfull if u can tip how long the update process takes?and i beleive its through KIES.

  5. I did get the froyo update just now. changes i’ve observed in the last 2 minutes –
    Changed startup screen
    changed icon bar below
    changed lock screen
    icons in the settings menu
    changed icons in the notification window
    new live wallpapers
    faster boot
    Task manager
    new widgets

  6. @sagar–thats sounds sure it looks even better..i intend to dowload it today question–do u notice any lag or periods of black out?

  7. I just tried connecting Kies. I have eclair. Kies says i am already in latest version. Am i missing anything? Do i need to do anything to see Froyo option?

  8. Yes, the Froyo upgrade on Samsung Galaxy S has gone live in India. Please note that you would need to first update Kies software (~34MB download) before prompts of firmware upgrade appears. We have had smooth and stable run.

  9. I live in Sri Lanka.
    I got the firmware upgrade prompts.
    But the Latest Version Line says slightly different version numbers from your (Indian) prompts.

  10. things are going smooth after the upgrade..i was using 2.1 with lag fix, so compared to that i can’t see any improvement…

    Be sure to remove the lag fix b4 going for froyo.

  11. I am getting the error message that the phone cant be upgraded. Before i installed europe rom i9000XXJPA and it seems my product code is changed. Can anyone help me how to change it back.

  12. “No Response from server. Please check if your Internet connection is activated and try again.” This the message I am getting while trying to update my phone? what do i need to do? My internet conection is working well.

  13. Cant upgrade to froyo.. its gives an error message saying failed to convert to upgrade stage. Need help here ppl.

  14. I have not received the upgrade..I bought my galaxy from T-mobile UK and then got it this the reason that i not able to update?
    pls reply

  15. pinch in on home/applications screens and it shows the snapshot of all the home/app screens. just select the desired screen to go to that screen. no need to scroll to go to the last screen. another useful addition – the phone vibrates when the called party answers the call. no need to hold the phone near the ear all the time.

  16. HI – i installed froyo+root+lagfix using odin earlier, now that official version is out, how can i update to official version?
    My kies says this phone cannot be updated!

  17. i installed froyo + root + lagfix using odin earlier, now that official version is out, how can i update to official version?
    My kies says this phone cannot be updated!

  18. yes, its available now in india,, ve been able to update on 29th nov, 10 .. ve noticed a strange bug in froyo. the alphabet scroll list(on right side) in contacts is missing some of the letters such as b, e, n, t though there are names stored in phonebook starting from the above mentioned letters

  19. Ok based on couple of comments above, is it true that updates are based on country? If somebody is travelling outside India right now, with an Indian version of Galaxy S, will get updates for the other country? Does not sound good to me.

  20. Hi to all – I have the Indian SW version of the GalaxyS. So After a long time waiting last night the Kies finally wrote the next frase: “The update for your device is availble!!”
    So I have installed the Froyo 2.2.
    After installation – it takes some time untill the device synchronizing everything and some simple “next-next..” steps are required. All the personal data and installed applications are stay on the device!! But some of them will be proposed by OS to be re-installed..
    Browser changed (Flash and some additional options – nice!!)
    Gmail client – changed also (I like it..)
    But the devices not stable now.. – maybe because of all my old applications.. Anyway – in general, I like the Froyo, finally the Hebrew language is supported (fonts only – keypad should be installed separately from the market).
    For the first look – some nice options are added in the settings!! Very nice. Will continue testing it..
    So, for all the people holding the Indian version of the GalaxyS – good luck and enjoy!! πŸ™‚
    I just hope that Samsung will provide later some more stable version of it.. – the device already performed a re-start a couple of times “automatically”..

  21. Started the update… Taking ages.. (about 50 mins so far & its only at the quarter mark yet).. wonder if its server overload, with too many users are doing the update !!!

  22. I am not able to see any upgrade message in Kies. I tried the hack in October (Changing registry value, though it did not work). Is it the reason that I don’t get the upgrade now? Please help

  23. Guys if ur not getting the upgrade… It might be because of non Asian roms that u have installed… Install the i9000JG4 from…. And then upgrade it to the oficial version…

    Hope it helped..

  24. thanks everyone….i just figured it out…although my samsung kies was uptodate..i downloaded afresh samsung kies from samsung’s website and got the upgrade done….thanks to all who posted this news.

  25. android 2.2 is really slow when compaitd to 2.1. Email functionality is very very slow or I should say pathatic

  26. Finally upgraded today morning..
    The initial lag disappeared after two reboots. Battery usage, of course, was a victim of Angry Birds Seasons, so can’t say there’s an improvement there…
    Lots of small improvements in UI and/or default apps, but can’t find the widget that had lodged on the home screen after the previous upgrade, the one which showed no. of active apps…any ideas?

  27. …also, unlike last time, did not lose any data, game progress, call log, SMS, Contacts, not even browsing history!!!! Nice!

  28. While listening to the music on music player, if you receive a call and you accept it. After the call , the music player stops. This bug was not there in 2.1.

  29. Well SOB, just almost bricked my phone, after two reboots won’t go into the Home screen.

    2.1 was stable atleast

  30. JP6 is Damm slow on galaxy s. Not happy with this version. JP4 was too fast. Uploaded because of flash playerm, but its too slow.

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