The curious case of Microsoft royalties, Asus and Acer

Taiwanese media is abuzz with rumors of Microsoft trying to stop Acer and Asus from using Android by trying to impose royalty fees of its patent use on them. Actually according to Microsoft, their patents in e-mail, multimedia and other functions are being used in Android, and it seems like the case as they already have a deal with HTC in this regard and sued Motorola for that.

But apart from HTC, none other Taiwanese manufacturers have a deal with Microsoft, and they are slowly becoming more Android friendly and that’s not very good for Microsoft’s future, so it seems to have gone the patent stick way.

According to Chinese-language Commercial Times, Microsoft sent a high-level legal officer to Taiwan to ask AsusTek and Acer Inc., the world’s second largest PC vendor, to pay royalties.

Interestingly Asus has denied all such rumors that Microsoft had asked it to pay royalties on its Android smartphones.  “We cautiously clarify that there is no such a thing,” Asus said in a filing on Monday to Taiwan Stock Exchange Corp.

We are still not very sure on this whole episode, until Microsoft comes forward and says that it wants royalty from Acer and Asus, it’s all a rumor.

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