Thanks to Android, Sony Ericsson had third consecutive profitable quarter

Sony Ericsson Xperia X8
Sony Ericsson today posted its third consecutive profitable quarter, helped by demand for Android phones.  Third-quarter net income was €49 million compared with a loss of €164 million a year earlier, company said.

Sony Ericsson currently sells four Android phones Xperia X10, Xperia X10 Mini, Xperia X10 Mini Pro and Xperia X8.

“Sony Ericsson’s overall performance is stabilizing,” Chief Executive Officer Bert Nordberg said today in a statement. “Smartphones now comprise more than 50 percent of our total sales and it is our ambition to become the global number one handset provider on the Android platform.”

Sony Ericsson turned profitable in the first quarter after six quarters of losses as it rolled out its Android phones around the globe. That boosted the average price for Sony Ericsson handsets to €154 in the third quarter from €114 a year earlier as more consumers embraced Android as an alternative to Apple’s iPhone.

One thought on “Thanks to Android, Sony Ericsson had third consecutive profitable quarter

  1. Sony Erricson … please get back to WORK before people stop considering SE’s Android phones … The world is ready to have the ICE CREAM and Xperia X10 is still stuck with Version 2.1 – Éclair ?????? . I’m thinking I would rather sell my X10 and go for Samsung / HTC which has much updated versions !!! . I always liked SE phones please don’t disappoint with the delayed update . No doubt X10 has a great phone in respect to hardware.

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